Sustainability Marketing Canvas

“Every single social and global issue of our day is a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY in disguise.”
- Peter Drucker


Why Sustainability Marketing?

Because it’s time! And, we need to free marketing from its narrow confines.

The definition of marketing is to provide VALUE to STAKEHOLDERS.
This implies a much bigger societal role for marketing than is currently practiced.


Why a Sustainability Marketing Canvas?

Because we can’t see the forest for the trees.

There’s green, sustainable & social marketing. It’s hard to coordinate & scale sustainability activities if we don’t know what sustainability marketing exactly is, where it starts & where it ends.

The Sustainability Marketing Canvas brings order to this disorder by corralling all the aspects of marketing and placing them in a much larger context. The 7P’s meets the Triple Bottom Line. Now more interesting questions can be asked and more impactful solutions provided.


What’s the Benefit of the Sustainability Marketing Canvas?

The SMC reflects a more holistic, interdisciplinary system.

  • A firm’s sustainability strategies can be seen through all the aspects of marketing matched to planetary and social issues.
  • A firm can assess their sustainability strategies for coherence.
  • Sustainability value propositions are explicit, avoiding unintentional greenwashing.
  • Comparing apples to apples: Competitors’ & customers’ sustainability performance can be compared to your own.
  • Sustainability performance can be measured.
  • Complexity transformed into simplicity: Everything’s on one page.

Interested in helping develop the SMC further?


Contact me if you’d like some tips on how to map your business, competitors or customers on the Sustainability Marketing Canvas and discuss what kind of analysis is available to you.


Contact me if you would like some tips on how to teach the Sustainability Marketing Canvas for your university classes. 

The Sustainability Marketing Canvas
Sustainable Marketing Canvas / Prof. Dr. Nikolina Fuduric
Source: Fuduric, N. The Sustainability Marketing Canvas. Marketing Review St.Gallen. 4.2020.
Canvas Design by Gregory Hackel-Johnson

* American Marketing Association, 2013

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